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His Excellency Yoo Jeh Seung, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the UAE, commended the care and rehabilitation provided to various categories of People of Determination in the UAE,

Visits Zayed Higher Organization to Explore Its Experience, Projects, and Humanitarian Initiatives

His Excellency Yoo Jeh Seung, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the UAE, commended the care and rehabilitation provided to various categories of People of Determination in the UAE, especially through the programs, initiatives, and projects of the Zayed Higher Organization. This commendation followed the ambassador's visit, along with his accompanying delegation, to Zayed Higher Organization to learn about its experience in caring for and rehabilitating different categories of People of Determination. He explored the services offered by the organization, including educational, rehabilitation, and mental and social health services, and discussed and exchanged expertise between the organization and relevant institutions in his country. His Excellency Abdullah Abdul Ali Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of the organization, and several of its leaders received him.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea expressed his admiration for the organization's services, describing them as comprehensive and integrated. He also expressed his great pleasure with his visit to the organization and his informative tour of the People of Determination Production Center, where he met students in vocational rehabilitation workshops and observed the high-quality products they create.

His Excellency Abdullah Al Humaidan welcomed the visit of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea and provided him with a brief overview of the organization and the services it offers to various categories of People of Determination. He highlighted the number of beneficiaries of these services and the unwavering support provided by the leadership of the UAE to these groups. He pointed out the organization's efforts, following the wise leadership's directives, to provide the highest and most modern means of care and rehabilitation for these groups and to attract the best technologies and global experiences in this field.

During the visit, His Excellency Yoo Jeh Seung and his accompanying delegation listened to a brief introductory presentation, accompanied by explanatory slides, about the strategic projects, plans, and programs of the Zayed Higher Organization, as well as the services it provides to various categories of People of Determination across Abu Dhabi, including both citizens and residents.

The visit began at "Bee Café," the first project of its kind in the UAE, managed by People of Determination. It not only offers specialized coffee but also provides technical training for People of Determination to obtain internationally recognized certification in coffee making.

His Excellency Ambassador Yoo Jeh Seung toured several vocational rehabilitation workshops, including the 3D printing workshop. This is the first specialized workshop globally, managed by People of Determination, developed in partnership with HP. The workshop uses the HP Jet Fusion 4200 series printer to produce medical supports for limbs through 3D printing.

The Ambassador also learned about the Blooming Bee Flowers project, which offers a flower arrangement workshop. Ten female students from the People of Determination work on this project, prepared to meet market needs by providing diverse bouquets and gifts for all events and occasions.

Additionally, the Ambassador visited the specialized workshop for chocolate making, branded as "Bee Chocolate," and the integrated central workshop for prosthetics and orthotics. This is the first of its kind in the country, in collaboration with the German company OTP Bowerfind, serving the UAE and the GCC countries, while also supporting the employment of People of Determination based on their physical abilities.

The Ambassador also visited the cheese factory where five female members of the organization work. The factory, under the "Made in UAE" banner, aims to meet daily production needs of various dairy products, store goat milk for later production, and facilitate production processes using advanced programming.

The visit included the sewing workshops for both girls and boys, which are pioneering projects providing job opportunities for People of Determination with intellectual challenges. These workshops develop rehabilitation pathways to align with labor market demands.

Page Last Update: 04 July 2024
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