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A special orchestral concert will be held at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation next Monday, coordinated and collaborated between Zayed Higher Organization and the Emirates Musicians Association

70 Musicians from 10 Countries to Perform 20 Diverse Musical Pieces

A special orchestral concert will be held at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation next Monday, coordinated and collaborated between Zayed Higher Organization and the Emirates Musicians Association. For the first time, the concert will feature a notable participation of five talented People of Determination in the fields of playing instruments and singing, among more than 70 musicians representing 10 countries from three continents, including 20 Emirati artists. This concert is part of the ongoing efforts of the organization to support and enhance the rights of People of Determination and highlight their unique talents and abilities in various artistic and cultural fields.

Under the direction of the renowned Bulgarian maestro Stoyan Boykov Stoyanov, the musicians, who come from diverse backgrounds, will perform together with a group of People of Determination facing various challenges. They will present 20 diverse musical pieces, including famous classical symphonies by world-renowned composers, Eastern heritage and Egyptian folklore, and prominent preludes by great Arab composers in the most famous traditional songs. These enthusiastic and passionate artists have demonstrated exceptional willpower and artistic excellence, earning the admiration and applause of a large audience that included public figures and music and art lovers.

This unique event aims to integrate People of Determination into this art form, raise awareness of their rights, and emphasize the necessity of empowering and supporting them in society. Additionally, it seeks to highlight the importance of fully integrating them into all aspects of cultural and artistic life. The event organizers emphasized that this concert represents a fantastic opportunity to celebrate diversity, uniqueness, and self-expression, which are core values of the multicultural and multi-ethnic UAE society.

On this occasion, His Excellency Abdullah Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, said, "We are extremely proud of this brilliant group of young artists and musicians, talents from various categories of People of Determination with special abilities, who have successfully passed the auditions and specialized training program of the organization's unique initiative 'Talented Determination' as part of our strategy to support People of Determination. We aim to provide an inclusive environment for them and involve them in various fields to solidify Abu Dhabi's leading position in empowering People of Determination as an integral part of society."

He emphasized that the 'Talented Determination' initiative, which is part of the implementation of Zayed Higher Organization's strategy, prioritizes expanding the participation of People of Determination in public life, culture, and sports. This initiative aims to enhance all skills of People of Determination in behavioral, life, and creative fields, which in turn strengthens their abilities and positively impacts society. The initiative is designed to support and nurture talented individuals among People of Determination in various artistic fields.

His Excellency Abdullah Al Humaidan added, "Through this concert, People of Determination prove their merit and extraordinary talents, demonstrating their ability to achieve great accomplishments and break societal barriers. This aligns with the goals of the Zayed Higher Organization, which is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for these young artists and many others, to unleash their full potential and ensure their effective integration and inclusion in our vibrant society."

On his part, Ihab Mohammed Darwish, a composer and the founder and president of the Emirates Musicians Association, said, "We welcome this first collaboration with Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, which enhances the vision of both the organization and the association in integrating and empowering People of Determination who possess remarkable artistic and musical talents alongside the association's members. This also achieves one of our strategic goals of uniting musicians from various nationalities under the UAE's sky and creating a musical dialogue between the multiple cultures in the country."

He added, "This is our first concert after the establishment of the association. We were keen on including a diverse range of nationalities in the orchestra and designing a varied program that encompasses multiple musical cultures. We involved professional and emerging musicians registered as members of the association, highlighting the UAE's embrace of multiple cultures and the integration of talented People of Determination in music with the musical community. This clearly demonstrates our beloved country's commitment to fostering cooperation and unifying cultural efforts from various segments of society."

Ihab Darwish pointed out the role of the Emirates Musicians Association in designing the musical program for the concert and selecting musicians from the orchestra, including composers, singers, and instrumentalists from different age groups, professionals, and rising stars. The association also organized special and intensive training sessions for all musicians before the concert, coordinating with the organization and everyone involved to ensure a distinguished event.

As part of the concert's segments, the artist Dr. Tariq Al Menhali, vice president of the Emirates Musicians Association, will present a special musical piece for the occasion, featuring lyrics by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may he rest in peace.
Page Last Update: 26 June 2024
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