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Announcing the launch of the Russian version of the "First Step" application, Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination stated that the application was developed by its team

The First Fruit of Cooperation between Zayed Higher Organization and the Ural Federal University of Russia

Announcing the launch of the Russian version of the "First Step" application, Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination stated that the application was developed by its team in July 2020. This initiative is part of the ongoing collaboration and implementation of a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Ural Federal University in Russia. The partnership focuses on designing educational programs, smart applications, and exchanging academic materials, publications, and other scientific information.

This happened during the celebration held at the institution's headquarters to announce the launch of the application, in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Jaber, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the Russian Federation, His Excellency Hamad Al-Habshi, the Deputy Ambassador, His Excellency Dmitry Bogrov, Deputy President of the Ural Federal University in Russia via remote video call, His Excellency Abdullah Abdulali Al-Humaidan, the Secretary-General, and several members of the diplomatic corps at the UAE Embassy in Moscow, as well as a number of leaders from Zayed Higher Organization and the Russian University

The First Step application serves as a preliminary assessment tool for various developmental aspects of individuals, conducted by their families before a comprehensive evaluation by specialists. It marks the initial step towards referring cases with developmental delays or disorders to the People of Determination Services Department at Zayed Higher Organization for a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and remote electronic evaluation. The application has been translated into Russian in collaboration with the Ural Federal University, making it accessible and free to use for people in Russia.

The application aims to support early detection systems for developmental disorders and disabilities in Russia, utilizing big data for joint research and development after transferring the data to Ural University. This effort enhances international solidarity and provides a free service accessible to all, contributing to the well-being and happiness of various community segments.

Abdullah Al Humaidan emphasized that the launch embodies the fruits of constructive cooperation between the organization and the university, highlighting the design of educational programs and smart applications. He expressed the organization's belief in the necessity of international cooperation that serves the interests and goals of both parties, strengthening relations and expertise exchange to foster growth and development.

He added that through the Russian First Step application, efforts are unified to aid both countries, providing a database that assists the Ural Federal University's cognitive development laboratories in conducting further research on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) problems, opening new cooperation avenues as the global ASD prevalence rate increases.

Abdullah Al Humaidan also expressed the organization’s anticipation for more collaborative work through the partnership with the Ural Federal University, where challenges have been identified, common goals set, initiatives developed for the benefit of People of Determination in both countries, and cooperation aimed at leveraging the Russian university’s extensive expertise through global technological advancements in artificial intelligence with one of Russia’s leading scientific institutions.

Viktor Koksharov acknowledged the deep and successful partnership between the UAE and Russia, which has grown and evolved following the visit of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President, to Russia last October. This visit strengthened the cooperation framework between the two countries, with the second leaders’ meeting held on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum further solidifying the relationship. He noted that the UAE is Russia’s most significant political and economic partner in the Middle East, and the cooperation between the Ural Federal University and Zayed Higher Organization will enhance scientific and cultural exchange between the two nations.

Koksharov expressed confidence in the effectiveness of launching the First Step application for People of Determination in both countries. He thanked the team at Zayed Higher Organization for their diligent work on the diagnostic questionnaire, which is a vital area of collaboration between the university and the organization. He recalled the visit by Zayed Higher Organization's delegation to the university last April, where they learned about various educational programs and the university’s main research directions in psychology, diagnosis, and rehabilitation methods for People of Determination. The MoU signed in Abu Dhabi in early June underscored the high appreciation for the work of their scientists and the potential for cooperation, outlining the primary areas of joint work between representatives of the Ural Federal University and Zayed Higher Organization.

Page Last Update: 12 October 2023
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