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Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Al Manara Private Schools Group

Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Al Manara Private Schools Group on cooperation in the area of academic integration of students of determination, as part of efforts to consolidate the system of inclusive and continuing education. The two sides are keen on exerting efforts to develop a successful model for integrating this category of students into private schools, and each party supports the other’s efforts in the field of raising awareness of disability and community activities for people of determination.

The MoU was signed ZHO’s by Secretary-General His Excellency / Abdullah Abdul-Ali Al-Humaidan,and Al Manara Group’s Executive Director, Mr. Abdul-Hakim Majid Al-Suwaidi, in the presence of leaders from both sides at ZHO’s headquarters.

Under the MoU, ZHO shall work to transfer its expertise to Al Manara to support the specialized areas of programs, standards, work tools and teaching methods, facilitate conducting the necessary assessments and issue people of determination cards for students transferred from the schools. ZHO shall include the schools among the candidates for integrating students of determination, within the geographical scope of the Group’s work at its entire branches, while Al Manara Schools shall take the necessary approvals and adhere to all applicable policies and rules in this regard, that are issued by the competent authorities in the state.

For its part, Al Manara Schools Group is committed to the rules and policies of integration applicable in the state, that are issued by the competent authorities. It shall provide ZHO with all documents related to serving students of determination at its branches, and also provide a special financial discount of not less than 5% for students transferred to integrate in it by ZHO. The Groups shall seek the assistance of ZHO in relation to Emiratisation, in case of need, by providing it with female national teachers in the disciplines it needs in relation to the subject of cooperation, provided that they are nominated by ZHO and recruited after passing the school admission criteria according to the applicable recruitment mechanism and the requirements of its Admission Committee.

His Excellency / Abdullah Abdul-Ali Al-Humaidan commended this step of signing the MoU Al Manara Group, which is one of the oldest in Abu Dhabi, noting that it promotes intellectual and social growth and development within the school community and provides safe and supportive environment where students have the opportunity to explore, take risks, think and speak for themselves.

He emphasized ZHO’s endeavor to achieve its desired goal of fully integrating all groups under its care whose conditions allow this in society, and that its strategy to achieve this goal is based on adopting the best modern strategic practices so as to reach the leadership's vision in this vein. It works to develop processes for integrating people of determination in general education schools, geared towards rendering the integration process a success, he added, pointing to the importance of developing community awareness in education, given that educational facilities are among the important places of integration for people of determination, and help facilitate the process of integration outside schools better and faster.

Al Suwaidi said, “Al Manara Private Schools Group is glad to cooperate with Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, hand in hand, to carry the torch of inclusive education in a lofty mission and a sacred message aimed at achieving the UAE’s vision in providing the category of determination with distinct service by creating for them a smart educational environment that produces independent individuals who are able to serve their country.

Page Last Update: 19 June 2023
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