Alataa Award

Alatta Award for Community Excellence aims to provide the opportunity for various categories of people of determination and their families and their supporting entities to compete and excel through its various categories and emphasizes the importance of empowering people of determination in various aspects of life, including upgrading their talents and reaping the fruits of achievements, given their competence and the ability to prove themselves, and the award also emphasizes the importance of honoring entities that are unique in their work in order to support people of determination under an inclusive system that provides them with high quality services to enable them to participate effectively. In society and make the state a role model.

General Conditions:

  • It is taken into consideration when preparing the nomination files that they include the practices and results of the last three years at a minimum, including the nomination year. If the nomination files are submitted before the end of the year, the results of the first half of the year are added.
  • The award targets universities, colleges and schools in addition to people of determination, their families, society, companies and institutions at the local level to be nominated for the award.
  • Applicants for the awards must hold legal supporting documents that are compatible with the laws, policies and procedures applicable in the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and must not have been convicted of any crime.

General Guidelines:

  • The candidate applies online via the link for each category. Handwritten files are denied.
  • The candidate is committed to the specified dates and files received after the deadline for participation are denied.

For AL ATAA Award Guide: Click here

To see the areas and categories and nomination forms: click here

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