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Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO)-in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Youth Council and the support of the Federal Youth Authority (FYA) and the Abu Dhabi Youth Hub - organized an event for the Youth of Determination at the Abu Dhabi Youth Hub

  • Youth of Determination Celebrate Youth Day

  • Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO)-in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Youth Council and the support of the Federal Youth Authority (FYA) and the Abu Dhabi Youth Hub - organized an event for the Youth of Determination at the Abu Dhabi Youth Hub. The event's main theme was Youth's Determination, signifying the never ending passion and perseverance of youth with disabilities. The event included several activities to raise awareness, invest, develop, and empower the younger population of determination. In addition, the event aims to highlight their abilities, potential, and talents, while focusing on key challenges facing today's youth and discussing important issues and future opportunities.


    The "Youth's Determination " event addressed challenges in the rehabilitation and employment sector while promoting societal, cultural awareness in work environments on facilitating determination-based career development. In addition, prompting active listening, dialogues, and solutions proposed in response to these challenges, including the rights of people of determination and the implementation of an approved and specialized law in support of their employment.


    The initiative included an exhibition of commercial project products of determination that highlights their capabilities and skills, including those of Mansour Salem Balnobi, a visually impaired person of determination and owner of the Mandoos Al Oud Project for the production of perfumes. In addition, Wafaa Al Hariz, a person of determination with a moderate intellectual disability, presented the handicrafts products of her business; "Al-Wafa Handicrafts." Sherina Abdullah Al-Hamli, with a minor intellectual disability, marketed her commercial project "Skyline Handicrafts" for the production of pottery chimneys with distinctive colors and handmade pottery forms. Hamda Al-Mansour, with an intellectual disability (Cerebral Palsy), owns and operates the "Excellence in Artwork and Handicrafts" commercial project, which produces artwork and handicrafts.

    The "Bee Bag" was also included in the exhibition, a product produced extensively at ZHO by people of determination and proudly bore the "Bee" branding.

    Youth Circle

    As part of the initiative's activities, a Youth Circle entitled as “Between Ambition and Reality; Employment laws for people of determination" was held, including members of Abu Dhabi Youth Council, ZHO Youth Council, and other representatives from the relevant entities.

    During the circle, several issues and challenges facing the employment of people of determination were addressed. Moreover, the best practices to overcome those challenges were presented, in addition to the possible practical solutions that will be shared with the decision makers, to achieve a better future for people of determination.

    Disability Challenge Model

    As part of the day program, a role-model talk took place as an example of overcoming the challenges associated with disabilities; the athlete Ahmed Al-Akbari, a former Al Wahda Football Club player and the newly appointed football coach for the deaf and hard of hearing athletes at Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination and a member of the Zayed Higher Organization Youth Council.  After having a traffic accident, that resulted in him using a wheelchair at the height of his football career, Ahmed did not give up on his dreams. Instead, he turned his challenges into opportunities and worked hard to overcome the many obstacles he faced, achieving the impossible and becoming a champion of challenges. As a result, he has learned the value of patience, endurance, and will to prevail in life.

    Success Stories

    During the event, many success stories from young people of determination were presented, including the success story of Sarah Al-Junaibi where achieved her dream of winning the first medal in the history of Emirati women's sports participation in the Paralympic Games. She successfully competed in the Paralympic Games held in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro in 2016, where she was awarded bronze-medal, "F33" category, in the shotput game. She is now participating in the Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020.


    Paralympian Noura Al Ketbi is an athletics player at ZHO Al Ain Club for People of Determination and won the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak World Sports Awards in the ''Best Athlete of Determination" category. She is the first Emirati woman to win a silver medal at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. She is also the first female player to secure her place to participate in the shotput and mace games in the Paralympic Games "Tokyo 2020".


    Ahmed Jassim Nawad, World Youth Champion in athletics, is a successful model for challenging disability and achieving excellence in sports, winning world medals, and raising the country's flag at international sports events. He is participating in the 100- and 800-meter wheelchairs athletics competitions at the Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020.

    The Bee Café

    Also of the event's highlights is the "Bee Cafe" project. It was the first project of its kind, managed and operated by six people of determination, established within the global "Bee the Change" campaign from Zayed Higher Organization. The café serves to highlight the concept of Determination  and to challenge the impossible, broadcasting the spirit of ambition and the ability to change across all segments of society. The Bee Café is not limited to providing specialized coffee; it also offers technical training to qualify people of determination to obtain an internationally recognized certificate in the specialty coffee industry.  The café is also working to become recognized as an internationally accredited training center for people of determination at Zayed Higher Organization.

    Alia Al Zaabi

    Alia is a role model for young people of determination, not only as an accomplished athlete with extensive experience in sports excellence but also as a successful entrepreneur. ZHO played a significant role in supporting her commercial project, assisting with her commercial license for her company "I Can Cookies". In addition, the organization has continually affirmed to support and encourage the launch of commercial projects for people of determination in various fields, assisting them in their commercial endeavors under the "Bee" branding for products of people of determination.



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